Monday, 23 April 2012

The mini inn! creative comp for DHE 2011

gosh were do i start lol.. this was my project i did for the DHE creative comp in 2011.
i have always wanted to do a pub, for some reason, and i thought this building would be perfect, although i have extended it a little to get it just right and how i wanted it.

anyway more about the pub and the scene set:
the mini inn. (mini-ing) is a small quaint village pub and the residents got together to celebrate the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton! x everyone had a great party, celebrating, with lots of great food including a bbq and lots of drinks and ice cream and sweets. whilst the adults watched the happy couple wed, the kids entertained themselves in the pub playground, on the bouncy castle. there is also tradional maypole.

to be fair im not sure why on earth i thought about doing a royal wedding themed project, but i just thought it would be approproate and i had some good plans spinning around in my little brain, so i incorporated them both together to come up with this and as you have gathered it has a little element of a summer fayre in there, with the bouncy castle and the maypole lol..

my mum came up with the name, as she said we all like to do a spot of mini-ing lol. shes quite proud of herself.

so heres the pics :) bare with me as theres rather a lot to scroll through lol.

the childrens playground, made from random follage found in my back garden lol.. the bits that fall off the tree 

the drunk falling asleep

the drunk in the background

mr sweets, the sweet and icecream guy!! 

mr sous! the chef! 


  1. Hi Sophie, I am now following your new blog so hope to see lots of posts ;).
    Love your pub themed garden pavilion and just wondered how you did the brick effect on the walls?

  2. Forgot to say your guinea pigs are very cute, we have 3 girls :).

  3. thank you :)
    and as for the bricking. i got the stencils from bromley crafts and also brick compound its easy to do once oyu get the hang of it :)