Saturday, 8 August 2015

my new clean and improved craft room!

well since I have flown the nest and moved out my mums house and bought my own. I decided to turn the small box room into my craft room. It was very messy, unorganised and well didn't have much space to do anything. So I decided to change that. I love it so much better and so much space! I love ikea! my desk folds down as well which is a good space saver.

Honeydukes! A splash of paint! and Some stock at last! All in days work!

So here goes... another update for Honeydukes.  I decided to repaint the counters and shelves as the old ones were a bit shabby. Below is the result! rather happy with it. The cornice and the skirting boards still need doing, and as you can see there is a colour gap in the shelves for where the berties bean display will live. The counters need cleaning as well, but on the whole I am thrilled with how it looks.

I  also decided to redo the flooring and the wallpaper as that too was looking old and tatty!
The sweet jars are now all glued in place, I was so sick of them falling off everytime I moved the shop! so annoying. I am now happy with how they look and where they are. I still need a few more jars and candies to finish the shop and do that berties beans display. I need to put the stairs in, when I eventually find some I like and I need to finish that shelving unit on the left, which will house the exotic candy display.
 The counters need a good clean, and need stock adding to them to make them look real. There are some sugar mice climbing up on the counter on the right too, thought this added a little charm to the magical shop. After all it is Harry Potter.

I need to redo some of the bricking as it has fallen off, when I have moved the project. This is how it looks on the outside. Pretty impressed with it. need to add the steps, and finish the window display.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

more sweeties for Honeydukes!

well again ive been making sweets and putting them in jars. I even had a little help from a 3 year old she loved helping to put them in jars.
Here they are:
Some fudge, torpedos, bon bons, dolly mixtures and migit gems

Miget gems, bon bons, marshmellows, fudge and lollypops

Smarties x2, fudge, licourice sticks, dolly mixtures, berties flavoured beans
 ,                                                          and some rock canes

Candy canes

Lollypop stands made by the fantastic Kerry from Ella Rose miniatures
More sweets made by Kerry from Ella Rose miniatures

Friday, 31 July 2015

Project list

Ha - not only am I useless in updating my blog, im not having much luck with finishing anything lol. and think im gonna need to build an extension on my real sized house to fit them all in haha addicted or what!

Current projects:
Honeydukes sweet shop
Weasley wizard wheezes
Snapes classroom
WW2 house
professor sprouts greenhouse

Projects to start in the future:
The great Hall- Hogwarts
Leaky cauldron
a family house of somesort lol
And my beach hut- Crab shack.

Finished Projects:
Santa's Grotto

HoneyDukes update

Well as you all know I decided a year or so ago that I was going to do Honeydukes from Harry potter. Thought it would be a great one to do. However im sick of the sight of fimo, stock flock, caviar beads and bloody Jars! but still im enjoying it. Over the last few days I have been looking at what I already have for the shop, and what I have still to make and buy. An update into what the shop looks like will be shown later.

So here we have some sugar quills, that are referenced from the film.

some pumpkins with lollypops in,. I didn't make these, the fabulous Kerry from Ella rose miniatures made them for me, infact a lot of my sweets are, but hopefully my practice is getting better at making little sweets and things, but I doubt I will be as good as her. There too tiny lol. Im better suited to things a little bit bigger :)

Pumpkin sweet display. im hoping to put a shelf sort of half way in this window so that I can put the other pumpkins on it, as the bottom window sill is full :) Just need to work out an idea on how to do it hmm.

I had a play with some materials here. It is actually Velvet powder/soft flock from the nail art section in pound land :)

Here I have used various things, such as beads, clay, fimo canes, caviar beads

Here we have the 'NO melt' icecream stand with reference from the film. This was made a few years back by the talented Erika Van horn way before I started attempting to make miniatures myself.
At the front of the picture are some 'No melt' icecream's by Nikki Rowe, the colours of shelf were perfect but not a conincidence of the colour scheme for honeydukes, so it was a perfect buy.
Icecream stands, again made by the talented Kerry from Ella Rose miniatures a few years ago. I think I am going to make a big bertie beans box to go in the middle.

Lots of pots and wood stain paint

well last night I decided to paint some pots and the wooden bench for professor sprouts greenhouse. They won't be anything going in these pots. Thought they would look effective in the corner empty. think its looking good already. I plan to put some green ivy type plants up on the side where you see professor sprout and the pots and some archways just like in the film. on the other side there is going to be a bench. obviously the bench in the middle is going to be filled with lots of madrakes and soil etc.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Professor Sprouts Herbology Greenhouse!

I havnt done well at updating my blog, pretty usless!
I bought this green house from York Dolls house fair about 1 year ago, and decided to turn it into Professor Sprouts Herbology Greenhouse from Harry potter.

I painted it in light grey paint and sanded it down to look aged. here is the results. Pretty happy with it to be fair, although not quite sure whether it was grey in the films or an off white.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

modified bedroom sets, and nursery sets.

Decided that i wanted to have a go at modifying and decorating dolls house sets, ive tried a few and have sold some on ebay, and did exeptionally well, infact nearly fell off my chair when i saw how much they went for. some are on ebay at present so we shall see what they go for
Here they are:
Thomas the tank engine toddler bedroom set 1 12th scale.

Toy story bedroom set 1 12th scale

1 12th scale boys nursery unit

1 12th scale girls ballet dresser.
1 12th scale winnie the pooh nursery set

1 12th scale princess set

1 12th scale disney princess dresser

Saturday, 13 April 2013

A new and long awaited post with new goodies to go with it!

Thought it was about time i updated my neglected blog ha.
Well today i went to Pudsey dolls house fair today and bought some new goodies.
  • I bought plenty of jars for Snapes classroom,
  • some sweeties and weighing scales for Honeydukes
  • Some cotton wool balls, toiletries and a rug( these are for my mini makes that i will be selling, more on that later).
  • Some potions for The Witching hour
  •  A pestle and Mortor for snapes classroom
  • And the most lovely witch courtsey of Toni from small sorts that will take residence in honeydukes i think.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

HoneyDukes update!

well its being a while since i last posted, but here is an update on Honeydukes.
Ive done a basecoat on the exterior, i want to brick it but looking at different options..
The windows and doors are dark green, and on the windowsill are some lollypops, and the No Melt Ice cream stand, and Bearties every flavoured beans. Not sure if these will stay where they are but for now they look good for the purpose lol