Saturday, 8 August 2015

Honeydukes! A splash of paint! and Some stock at last! All in days work!

So here goes... another update for Honeydukes.  I decided to repaint the counters and shelves as the old ones were a bit shabby. Below is the result! rather happy with it. The cornice and the skirting boards still need doing, and as you can see there is a colour gap in the shelves for where the berties bean display will live. The counters need cleaning as well, but on the whole I am thrilled with how it looks.

I  also decided to redo the flooring and the wallpaper as that too was looking old and tatty!
The sweet jars are now all glued in place, I was so sick of them falling off everytime I moved the shop! so annoying. I am now happy with how they look and where they are. I still need a few more jars and candies to finish the shop and do that berties beans display. I need to put the stairs in, when I eventually find some I like and I need to finish that shelving unit on the left, which will house the exotic candy display.
 The counters need a good clean, and need stock adding to them to make them look real. There are some sugar mice climbing up on the counter on the right too, thought this added a little charm to the magical shop. After all it is Harry Potter.

I need to redo some of the bricking as it has fallen off, when I have moved the project. This is how it looks on the outside. Pretty impressed with it. need to add the steps, and finish the window display.

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