Saturday, 13 April 2013

A new and long awaited post with new goodies to go with it!

Thought it was about time i updated my neglected blog ha.
Well today i went to Pudsey dolls house fair today and bought some new goodies.
  • I bought plenty of jars for Snapes classroom,
  • some sweeties and weighing scales for Honeydukes
  • Some cotton wool balls, toiletries and a rug( these are for my mini makes that i will be selling, more on that later).
  • Some potions for The Witching hour
  •  A pestle and Mortor for snapes classroom
  • And the most lovely witch courtsey of Toni from small sorts that will take residence in honeydukes i think.


  1. Lovely finds! Are the green and apricot packages flowersoft?

  2. thanks christine.
    yes they are, im going to use them for filling some jars up in honeydukes :)