Friday, 31 July 2015

HoneyDukes update

Well as you all know I decided a year or so ago that I was going to do Honeydukes from Harry potter. Thought it would be a great one to do. However im sick of the sight of fimo, stock flock, caviar beads and bloody Jars! but still im enjoying it. Over the last few days I have been looking at what I already have for the shop, and what I have still to make and buy. An update into what the shop looks like will be shown later.

So here we have some sugar quills, that are referenced from the film.

some pumpkins with lollypops in,. I didn't make these, the fabulous Kerry from Ella rose miniatures made them for me, infact a lot of my sweets are, but hopefully my practice is getting better at making little sweets and things, but I doubt I will be as good as her. There too tiny lol. Im better suited to things a little bit bigger :)

Pumpkin sweet display. im hoping to put a shelf sort of half way in this window so that I can put the other pumpkins on it, as the bottom window sill is full :) Just need to work out an idea on how to do it hmm.

I had a play with some materials here. It is actually Velvet powder/soft flock from the nail art section in pound land :)

Here I have used various things, such as beads, clay, fimo canes, caviar beads

Here we have the 'NO melt' icecream stand with reference from the film. This was made a few years back by the talented Erika Van horn way before I started attempting to make miniatures myself.
At the front of the picture are some 'No melt' icecream's by Nikki Rowe, the colours of shelf were perfect but not a conincidence of the colour scheme for honeydukes, so it was a perfect buy.
Icecream stands, again made by the talented Kerry from Ella Rose miniatures a few years ago. I think I am going to make a big bertie beans box to go in the middle.

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