Friday, 28 September 2012

Im back!!!! with a modified extra!

well after a long while *cough* im back!
I have been sooo busy with life at the minute ive not had much time to do anything miniature wise or even update my blog or post on the forum!

anyway i decided to have a go at modifying a little wardrobe for a nursery in shabby chic style
here it is :)

On the top includes a folding towel, a dummy, a pot of cream, a bottle of baby powder, bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner, and a baby bottle. the hat on the teddy goes with the little dress on the hanger and are both removable. hanging on the door is a bib. The teddies on the side are stickers, as are the little butterflies on the front. 


  1. Like what you've done to the white cupboard, looks so much better now, especially with those pretty pink accessories :)

  2. How lovely, I am really into the shabby chic look at the moment too.

  3. thanks guys! this one sold on ebay for 12 :) well chuffed.. off to do some more me thinks lol

  4. Hi Sophie, I have something on my blog for you. :-D